The Trout-N-Pout Spoon has one of the brightest/ longest lasting glows on the market today!
Spoons sizes: 5/8 oz       1-1/2" long
                         1-1/8 oz.   1-7/8" long
                         1-3/8oz     2-1/8" long​

           Available: Rattle Spoons!
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Great action for chasing lake trout or pounding the bottom for Eelpout and Walleyes! Fish it as it is, add a minnow, chunk of meat, or part of a plastic tube and you're set for action! Don't let the name fool you, it catches more than Trout and Eelpout!  Double sided glow!

S & H  1 - 4 spoons $4.75, 5 - 12 spoons $7.99. More than 12 Please contact us before ordering.  Ship to USA/ Canada
Canadian Shipping will be higher. Contact us for larger orders.
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*Please double check your order for correct sizes before placing order- Thanks!

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Big-Nasty Salmon Spoons
Big-Nasty Salmon Trolling Spoons!!!

Comes in 2 sizes: ​​​​ 4-3/4" &  3-3/4"
3-3/4"- Sold Out​​

​​Glow in the dark spoons with quality VMC treble hooks​! Glow/Blk spots front, silver back!

 Big-Nasty Tube Jigs
* Tubes not included
"Glow Color"

Tube Jig Head : 1/8oz, 1/4oz, 3/8oz, 1/2oz, 3/4oz

All sizes come with 4/0 hook​,

​***Hook will be Black Nickle, not red

Dealer Inquires Welcome!
"Daytime Color"
Currently Sold Out
Now Available: Pout Pounder Jigs
1oz Lead Jig great for pounding the bottom for Burbot or River Walleyes!
Quality VMC Hooks​

​ 2 per pack
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****Do to having shoulder surgery, 5/15/19 the sites ordering will be down for a few months while I recover. Thanks for understanding! BN